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Although there is great interest in 3D applications in research, there is currently little available guidance regarding the preservation of digital objects and associated information in perpetuity. The preservation and sharing of research data is a necessary, invaluable responsibility of libraries and museums, and although standards and best practices have been developed for many kinds of digital data to ensure assets can be accessed and reused in perpetuity, the applicability of these standards to 3D data is limited, as evidenced by the 2017 CS3DP survey results. The proposed forums will convene qualified groups of experts and key stakeholders, including librarians, faculty and professionals in adjacent fields from the United States and abroad.

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We are creating:

Standards & Best Practices

While there are many resources for learning how to create and work with digital 3D data, resources relating to preservation are lacking and not comprehensive or flexible enough for general adoption. To rectify this, we are developing a guide to current standards and best practices.

Copyright Guidance

3D data copyright does not yet exist. We examine legal questions related to generating and preserving 3D data. At this stage, our recommendations for professional practice are notional, but we urge practitioners to address a framework such as those proposed by this community


Making 3D preservation possible requires quick and easy integration into general workflows within various contexts. We are recording the community's workflows and developing new workflows where none exist. Detailing processes from creation to deposit in digital repositories.


There are other initiatives that impact 3D preservation needs and workflows. CS3DP - as the name suggest - is made of many initiatives and projects. In our inaugural year, we worked quite closely with LIB3DVR and Building for Tomorrow projects, and the Library of Congress' Born To Be 3D initiative.

Tech Integrations

In order to make adoption of standards easier, we look to automation of data capture workflows that create and maintain preservation components. There are several initiatives that are attempting to make 3D preservation practice easier by addressing the technology we use to create it.

3D Preservation Community

All our work is only possible because of the community of practitioners. A mixture of data professionals, museum curators, students, creators, tech developers and cultural heritage stewards have come together to on CS3DP. Asynchronous discussion continues virtually via our listserv.

Latest News

Follow the activities of the CS3DP community and see what new projects, proposals, and best practices the community has been working on lately.